Huge Differences Between UI and UX Design

When it comes to technological projects more and more designers are being asked to do two jobs for the price of one. User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) designers have huge differences with very little overlapping. If someone claims that they can do both, be wary of how much they actually know on the topic.

User Experience Creates A Use For Common Interfaces
When you meet a need that has not already been met by the current market, you bring use to a project. The same goes for the way you can change your perspective of a user. If you can change a user’s perspective and change the way that they perceive something difficult, that’s a combination of both good UI and UX.

The process of a UX designer involves completing a lot of research on competitive analysis before determining a target audience. This then leads to the development of a MVP, or minimum viable product. Once the flow can be properly tested, it’s then the role of a UI designer to make any wireframes created to be aesthetically pleasing. This includes choosing typography and color schemes. While the two disciplines work closely together, and their work overlaps, they should be handled by two separate individuals for the sake of sanity checking alone.

User Experience – Complete Goals, User Interface – Create Connections
When a user comes to your website, they usually have a goal in mind. On the user experience side of things they, the designer tries to figure out what’s the most important thing to them. Items that are important should be placed in front of the potential customer through location and size by priority. Their job is to ask questions and observe people as they interact with the designs.

Once that’s stapled down, it’s then time for the user interface team to setup in. Clients need to be drawn into your website, and having a stunning sense of design will keep them occupied, hooked into the experience. The more positive emotion you can draw from the experience, the more people will forgive any shortcomings that come from your brand.

User Interface Only Applies To… Well, Interfaces
User interfacing is limited in its use, only for designing the way items look on graphical screens. User experience, on the other hand is a broader field. User interfacing is almost for those who want to be experts of a small niche. User experience can be applied to a multitude of different career fields.