Skin Benefits of Peptides in Europe

Have you ever seen the ingredients column in the skincare products? Amongst many other ingredients, you will find something called peptides. It is one of the most common ingredients in anti-aging skin care products. Although this is not any miracle ingredient to make you look younger, it is definitely one of the key ingredients that can help other ingredients to work effectively on your skin so that the wrinkles and fine lines disappear. In fact, doctors are of the opinion that peptides are important to treat the dark circles and fine lines under your eyes too.

What are peptides? 

The scientific definition of peptides can be quite complicated. Here is a better way to understand the whole thing. You must have read that there are amino acids in your body. These amino acids form chains and these chains form peptides. The skin protein in your body is formed by these chains and they are like the building blocks for the proteins that form as a result of these chains. Proteins form when the chain of amino acids becomes long enough. So, you must be wondering how the peptides are related to skincare.

Whenever a short chain of amino acids gets together, they form peptides. These peptides then penetrate through the skin to send a signal to the skin cells so that they function properly. Of course, all these will not be visible to the naked eye. That is why you notice a soft, supple, and wrinkle-free skin after using anti-aging skin care products for a few days.

Roles of peptides in your skin 

Although it is easy to understand how amino acids, peptides, and proteins work in tandem, you may still have questions as to how exactly will these peptides affect your skin. The skincare products that use peptides in Europe look to increase the collagen production. As you grow old, the collagen production in your skin starts to slow down. This is a very normal thing that happens and that is how you realize that you are growing old. However, there are many people who experience premature aging of their skin. At an age when they should be looking glamorous and beautiful, they are always worried about how to hide the wrinkles and fine lines from their face and hands.

Cases like these are quite less but not rare. Even if you are experiencing normal aging of the skin, you would want to delay the process so that you can appear as a beautiful-looking person in front of everyone. You use tons of makeup in which one of the important ingredients is peptides. Amongst all the other reasons that may lead to aging of the skin, a decrease in collagen product is considered the prime reason. The use of peptides in Europe, especially by the different manufacturers of various skincare products has made sure that the initial days of wrinkling of the skin goes away. The point here is to increase the collagen content in your skin and that is exactly why peptides are used in the first place. Collagen is an integral part that helps to give that youthful look to your skin.

Peptides in serums and creams 

Almost everyone uses some kind of skincare product or the other. Be it a simple moisturizing cream or a serum, it is hard to go to bed without applying something on your face and hands. Research shows that if peptides are used in almost every skincare product and people use it daily, it will delay the time when the collagen content started to decrease. So, if the average age of collagen reduction is 35 to 40, it can be pushed back to 40 to 45 years, provided the users religiously use the skincare products. But how does that make it different from medicines?

The skincare products that use peptides in Europe are mixed with other ingredients in such a way so that it can keep your skin healthy for a long time. You need not use it several times a day. It is not that the collagen production will stop immediately after a certain age. The production will start to decrease gradually. So, if you can use the skincare products way ahead of time, you will be able to prevent the reduction in collagen content when the time comes. Moreover, skincare products are outright different from taking medicines. Medicines are drugs that you take when you are sick. Aging skin is not a sickness. It is a natural condition of your body that is inevitable. All you can do is push the years back a little bit.

Peptides in supplements 

After reading all about peptides and how they are used in anti-aging skin care products, did you ever imagine you can actually drink peptides? That seems impossible, right? However, that is true. There are several supplements that use peptides in Europe and they are very effective. They are normally known as hydrolyzed collagen and these supplements are available in powdered form. You have to take a spoon and mix it with water and drink it regularly. It is also possible to add them in oatmeal, soups, juices, and smoothies.

The peptides in these supplements such as IGF-1 LR3 are nothing but collagen that is broken into smaller pieces of amino acids. So, when these amino acids go into your body, they form a chain that further helps to form peptides. Plus, you are taking collagen separately. It will automatically boost the collagen production in your body so that the fine lines and wrinkles stay away. Doctors have also suggested peptide supplements for those who are going through an advanced stage of skin wrinkling at a premature age.

Another reason why these supplements and skincare products have become the need of the hour is that it helps to maintain the basic hydration of the skin. In addition to peptides and collagen, you will also need something that will keep the skin hydrated. That is why you should use some kind of skincare product right after you cross the 30-year mark as a protection for the times to come.